Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  1. What is the means of travelling for Holy land tour ? Is it by bus, train, or ship ?
    The means of travelling to Holy land is by flight and after landing there, it is by bus.
  2. How much would be the total fare to travel to Holy land ?
    As of now it is Rs. 1,02,000/- but the charges may differ from one trip to another due to the changes in flight fares and dollar rate fluctuations. To know the exact fare charges, kindly contact office assistance for conformations.
  3. Is it necessary to have a passport to travel to Holy land ?
    Yes, it is mandatory to have passport to travel to Holy land.
  4. Is it a compulsory for an infant to have individual passport to travel to Holy land ?
    Yes, it is mandatory to have passport even for an infant to travel to Holy land.
  5. Can a family travel on one passport to holyland tour ?
    No, each individual from the family should have a separate passport.
  6. Can I get your help in obtaining my passport to travel to Holy land ?
    Yes, we provide all possible assistance.
  7. Do you give any discount for senior citizens or children ?
    We do not provide any discount for senior citizens, but we give 15% discount on the present price for children below 12 years.
  8. Do you offer any special discount for pastors ?
    No, we do not offer any special discount for pastors.
  9. Do you offer any special discount for Church groups ?
    Yes, we do offer, according to the group size. To know more about the discounts, kindly contact the office assistance.
  10. Do you offer any discount if we are going as a family ?
    No, we do not offer any discount for families, as such except the discount given for children who are below 12 years.
  11. What is the time period for Holy land tour ?
    The tour is for 10 days, including the day of departure.
  12. How many countries are covered in the tour and what are they ?
    Four countries are covered in the tour - Jordan, Israel, Palestine and Egypt.
  13. What are the places included in the tour ?
    Places of Biblical importance as well as Historical places are included in the tour.
  14. How often do you schedule a tour to Holy land ?
    We send a group for every 45 days, except in the months of December and January.
  15. Why can we not usually travel in the months of December and January ?
    We cannot travel in the months of December and January, due to the unsuitable weather conditions.
  16. How are the weather conditions in those countries ?
    The weather conditions are the same as in India, except in the months of December and January.
  17. What are the facilities included in the package ?
    The facilities included in the package are - Continental food, mineral water, accommodation, air tickets, visa, local transportation, travel insurance, tips and border charges.
  18. Can a person who has health issues go on a Holy land tour ?
    Yes, but only after consulting his/her physician; and the person should be able to walk without other's help.
  19. Can a person who is in the wheel chair travel to Holy land ?
    Yes, but with the assistance of an accompanying family member who can take complete responsibility of that person.
  20. Can we carry our daily medications during the tour ?
    Yes, you can carry the required amount of medications, sufficient for 10 days and along with them you have to carry the prescription, by your physician.
  21. Do I have to carry all the reports and prescription because I am a heart patient ?
    It depends on the traveler's wish and the physician's advice.
  22. How is the food in the tour ?
    The food provided in the tour is healthy and hygienic. You will be provided with Continental food and sometimes with Indian food.
  23. How many meals you provide for a day ?
    We provide 3 meals per day; breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  24. Do I have to carry water for the whole trip ?
    No, mineral water is provided by us.
  25. How are the security conditions in those countries ?
    We will let you know according to the prevailing situation.
  26. Do we get any government subsidy to travel to Holy land ?
    No, we do not have any government subsidy as of now.
  27. Who will be our tour guide ?
    A renowned Telugu tour guide will be provided.
  28. Why to choose Aradana Holy land tours when there are other operators ?
    The Seven reasons to pick Aradana Holy Land Tours as your Operator are:
    The First reason is Value for Money - Excellent facilities at the best possible price
    The Second reason is Professional approach
    The Third reason is Smart Travel
    The Fourth reason is Seeing the Biblical Sites with subject expert Tour Guide & who is Ordained Clergy man
    The Fifth reason is Staying in the best of Set-Inns
    The Sixth reason is Every day updates on Aradana TV while you are on the pilgrimage for the information of the family and relatives in India
    Last but not the least, the Seventh reason "Oppurtunity to re-tell your Israel trip story to others via our Aradana Television channel"
  29. How many dollars should we carry, if we are travelling to Holy land ?
    If you want to shop for your personal use, you can carry the required amount of dollars as per your need. All other expenses are included in the fee paid by yoou in advance.
  30. What are the things we can purchase in Holy land ?
    Lot of things can be purchased by you, for eg., Olive oil, Dry fruits, Jordan water, Communion / Chruch Wine, Souvenirs, Egyptian Perfumes, Clothes and Camel leather bags are some of the most preferred.
  31. Can we take baptism in Jordan River ?
    To get baptized you have to pay 15-20 US dollars to the management of the Jordan River. This is not included in the fee paid to us in advance.
  32. To what e-mail address should I write to ?
  33. What is the browsing address of your website ?
  34. What is the postal address of AHLT (Aradana Holy Land Tours) ?
    Refer to contact us page here
  35. What are the contact numbers to know the information regarding Holy land tour ?
    Refer to contact us page here
  36. How do I make the payment for Holy land tour ?
    You can send a cheque or transfer the amount online to: Franklin Travel Alliance Pvt. Ltd,, State Bank of India, A/c no: 32658920228, Mudfort Branch, Secunderabad, IFSC Code: SBIN0007111, SWIFT Code: SBININBB
  37. Can I get the receipt for the payment, which I have done for Holy land tour ?
    Yes, you will get an authenticated receipt for the payment you have done.
  38. In how many installments can I make the total payment required for the tour ?
    Visitors can make the payment in 2 installments.
  39. Can I make a part payment after returning from Holy land ?
    No, the visitor has to pay the total amount before applying for visa.
  40. Where can I find Holy land tour photos and videos ?
    Refer to photo gallery and video gallery pages in the website.
  41. Can I go and meet my friends / relatives who are in those countries during my tour ?
    No, it is strictly prohibited during the tour and once the tour is completed you have to come back with your respective group.
  42. Can I join the tour from another part of the country or world ?
    Yes you can.
  43. How much do you charge only for the tour, excluding air tickets ?
    Please contact office assistance for the details.
  44. Is the travel insurance mandatory ?
    Yes, it is mandatory.
  45. Does the package include the travel insurance ?
    Yes, it is included in the package given.
  46. What is the cost of travel insurance for senior citizens ?
    Extra charges will be added to the package according to their age slab.
  47. Which currency is acceptable in those countries ?
    US Dollars.
  48. How will be the arrangement for accommodation ?
    It will be on twin-sharing basis.
  49. Why you opt only 48 persons for a tour ?
    We do opt only 48 persons for a tour because after reaching there, the means of transportation is by bus; and the bus can accomodate only 50 persons.
  50. What are the documents required to be submitted by us for the Holy land tour ?
    A - scanned copy of the passport
    B - 2 passport size photographs.
    C - MoU (Memorandum of Understanding)
    D - Letter from the concerned Church pastor - Testimonial
    E - Letter from a Government employee - Testimonial
    The above D and E points will be applicable to the applicants who are young travelers
  51. Will there be any changes in the package cost ?
    Package cost is subject to dollar rate fluctuations
  52. What is the kind of baggage to be carried ?
    You should carry your luggage in the baggage, which has wheels and convenient to carry.
  53. What is the kind of luggage we should carry ?
    It is better to carry light luggage.
  54. What should be the luggage weight for each individual ?
    The luggage weight for each individual is, checked-in luggage is 25 kgs plus cabin baggage/hand bag is 5 kgs.
  55. What are the most essential things to be carried ?
    The most essential things to be carried are:
    A - Original passport
    B - US dollars
    C - Nine pairs of clothes for 10 days and a set of warm clothing
    D - Medicines for 10 days
    E - International travel adapter
    F - Torch light
    G - Umbrella
    H - Tooth paste, tooth brush, use and throw shaving kit, comfortable shoe and eatables without oil leakage
    Note: You are held responsible for your own belongings.
  56. Can I carry my mobile during the tour ?
    Yes you can, but you have to switch-on your SIM to middle-east roaming activation.
  57. How many days before you apply for the visa ?
    We apply for the visa 30 working days before the departure.
  58. Is there any arrangement for the group to reach the airport ?
    No, there is no such arrangement made by us. Each individual traveler has to arrange their own transportation to reach the airport.
  59. Is it mandatory to carry ID proofs ?
    No, it is not required.
  60. When can I get all the instructions about the tour ?
    Ten days before the departure.
  61. How many hours before should I reach the airport ?
    An International traveler should reach the airport three and a half hours before boarding the flight for immigration.
  62. Which is the airline by which we travel to Holy land ?
    Any premium airline, as per the availability.
  63. Can I get the day wise itinerary ?
    Yes you will.
  64. Do you take us for shopping in Dubai and Muscat ?
    Yes you can shop within the airport at duty-free shops with your own expenses.
  65. Can I use my credit / International travel card during the tour ?
    Yes you can use it as per the availability.
  66. What are the complimentary gifts given from Aradana Holy land tours after returning from the tour ?
    - We will provide you with one complete DVD of the tour.
    - Pilgrim certificate
    - Galilee boat ride certificate
    - Baptism certificate, to those who get baptized in the Jordan River
    - Momentos will be given to the visitors who return from Holy land tour by ARADANA TV.